The Cure

wordswag_1532981356830It had been a year and a half that I had been seeing Dr. Rojter, who is a liver specialist, with the intention that I could hopefully receive treatment for Hepatitis C. In all honesty, I wasn’t feeling so hopeful at that point with the ridiculously high price tag attached to these new cures that were released ($84,000 to $90,000 for 3 months) and the number of people who had really good insurance (mine was not) that were getting turned down. I was thinking of other ways of getting the treatment by possibly going to another country where it was going to be released for a tenth of the price in America.

My doctor was always on the mission no matter what. He would tell me what test to do and I would do them. He just kept driving the boat and I kept riding along. One morning I woke up feeling worse than I had ever felt and all I kept hearing my Angels say is contact the doctor. All I kept saying back to them is, “there is nothing he can do unless he has the treatment for me”. This back and forth conversation went on all day long with my Angels until just about the end of the business day, when they got louder and more persistent. I finally gave in and wrote him an email telling him that I was feeling terrible and did he have any ideas of what I could do?? Within less than an hour I received a phone call from Dr. Rojter. He said to me, Angela I have been thinking about you for a couple of days and I’m glad you contacted me. Angela, the drug company AbbVie, have you heard of them? I said yes. Well, they are offering one of my patients a free prescription. You fit the requirements, would you be interested? As I almost fell off of my own feet in that moment, I joyfully said YES!!!! I got off the phone and jumped up and down in tears for I had just won the lottery of life!! A second chance that many people don’t get. Having this virus since I was 11 years old from sitting in blood, I was truly in shock to finally be free of what is truly a parasite to the whole being not just the body.

A couple of days later I went to fill out the paperwork to receive this amazing gift. As I was driving home and crying tears of joy I noticed that my Jeep had filled up with the many spirits of my loved ones who were no longer in bodies. They came to tell me how happy they were for me and they had been working really hard to assist in answering my prayers and bring this miracle into manifestation. Many people could not wrap their brains around the fact that this drug company was just going to give me the treatment for free with no strings attached, no clinical trial, just an $84,000 treatment that was mailed straight to my address.

To tell this story always brings tears to my eyes and the biggest joy to my heart. All day long the Angels were trying to tell me that he had what I needed, but my stubbornness and rational brain stood in the way of receiving this news until I finally did what I was being asked to do. It truly pays to get out of our own way and LISTEN!! The Angels really know how to guide me in the right direction if we will only follow their lead. Our prayers are being heard and we are never alone. Call them angels, guides, ancestors, God, Goddess or oogly booglies….hahaha!


About angela zeyn

Hello, I am Angela. About me is a big question, one that opens up the door to all my vulnerabilities and fears. I could stay very shallow and tell you the basic list of what I do, but seriously what is the point in that? For me this is a breakthrough site to let myself out of my own box to express who I am, where I have come from, where I am, how I feel about it and where I am going. At this point, it's time for me to put these stories out into the world without giving a flying fuck if the grammar is perfect or if the sentence runs on into oblivion. (After 40 they say you don't care as much, they are right). I'm hoping that in sharing these fun, mystical, magical, dark and profound, sometimes metaphoric stories of my life it helps others to awaken and feel connected in knowing they are not alone on this wild ride of life. As the Grateful Dead sing..."What a long strange trip it's been" and I'm excited to share mine with you. If you are interested to know my skills and abilities, please check the link for my website.
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