A birdy in my ear

wordswag_1532982328212Okay, so bankruptcy is nothing to be excited about, but when you are in so deep over your head you can’t seem to breath, it is. I was in that position and not proud of it by any means. I decided it was my best bet, which instantly brought relief  to my whole being, along with the question of how am I going to pay for it? Within a couple of days my Angels started giving me a repetitive message to speak to my friend/client about helping me out with this predicament I was in. I was already embarrassed enough and asking for help has never been an easy thing for me, so of course I did nothing for over two weeks. The Angels continued on and on during that time with the message to contact this person. Once again I got past myself and I wrote him an email asking if we could work something out like a package of massages for him and his wife?

He wrote back to me pretty quickly which I did not expect and on top of it he told me he would love to just help me, no need for massages. You see it was 2010 and so many businesses and individuals were having financial issues. Many people were losing everything and I came to find that he was one of them. He decided that before it was all gone he was going to help those he could with what he had, a true saint! I was a blessed recipient of his gifting. It helped me to breath and see the light of day again. Thank you to him and the Angels! Once again they led me to water, so I could drink in life. It pays to LISTEN especially when you feel like your stranded. The universe is hearing you, be open to the listening!


About angela zeyn

Hello, I am Angela. About me is a big question, one that opens up the door to all my vulnerabilities and fears. I could stay very shallow and tell you the basic list of what I do, but seriously what is the point in that? For me this is a breakthrough site to let myself out of my own box to express who I am, where I have come from, where I am, how I feel about it and where I am going. At this point, it's time for me to put these stories out into the world without giving a flying fuck if the grammar is perfect or if the sentence runs on into oblivion. (After 40 they say you don't care as much, they are right). I'm hoping that in sharing these fun, mystical, magical, dark and profound, sometimes metaphoric stories of my life it helps others to awaken and feel connected in knowing they are not alone on this wild ride of life. As the Grateful Dead sing..."What a long strange trip it's been" and I'm excited to share mine with you. If you are interested to know my skills and abilities, please check the link for my website.
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