Resurrection of the bumble bee

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The story of the bumblebee is one of the most amazing gifts I have had the pleasure of partaking and witnessing. I was feeling quite down and out at that time. I had been living in a situation that I was extremely unhappy and even though I knew it was temporary, as all things are, I was in the thick of feeling miserable. My sister suggested to me that I needed to go and help others; in the giving was the joy I was anxiously awaiting to receive. I took her advice to heart and I looked up groups that I could volunteer with. I chose to feed the homeless and in my search for organizations, I came to find “Food on Foot”. The program is one that is structured in a way that helps these individuals who are homeless or just down and out, build their self esteem and come back into the strength of their personal power. I believe that kind of medicine is what we all need when we have hit the bottom. On the day that the food and other donated items are distributed to the homeless people, they (being the homeless people) are to show up in the early morning to sign up and get instructions for their work day. They are normally given trash bags and gloves to go around Hollywood and clean up the trash on the ground. This gives them a job and also helps the community in which they are living in. When they return at their appointed time, they check in and then get in line to receive their pay for the day, which is food, etc. At the end of the feeding time they hold a ceremony to award the people who have been showing up to work every week, for being proactive in creating a new life for themselves.

It was my first day that I volunteered and all of us involved in the days events were standing in the parking lot, attending the awards ceremony, which was very emotional and uplifting to experience. The joy of success was in the air and the exchange of giving and receiving was profound. I stood in observation of what was happening, when out of nowhere there was a bee coming in over my left shoulder for a crash landing. Once the bee hit the ground I instantly went over and scooped it up into my hand. The bee looked like he had just stung something else and was going down for the count; its movements were as if he was a stumbling drunk in my hand, the way he kept falling over. From this point on all of my attention had turned to this bee in my hand and my intentions were to help it feel no pain. My focus was so intense on the bee that I barely realized that the ceremony ended. I got into my car, still carrying the bee, not saying goodbye to anyone except for Jay. As I drove away watching this tiny bee struggle so much in its journey to death, I spoke to God asking “why is it that this little bee who has  worked so hard its entire existence has to go through so much suffering on its way out”?  I drove through the streets of Hollywood to go to my friend’s house for dinner, talking to the bee the whole way there. I was petting the bee on its little head and running energy through my hands to sooth it, as it made its transition. The little bee stumbled around for about six minutes until it lay on its back, curled up its body to have the last twitch of its antennae.

At the same time I was driving down the street of my friend’s house and as I parked the car I told the bee I would place its body with the roses. Not even ten seconds after that comment, the bee started to move in my hand. I not only felt it’s body move, but it also made the buzzing sound that vibrated in my hand.

I opened my hand all the way to see the bee stand up and start stumbling around. Talk about becoming ecstatically happy; I thought I was going to piss my pants. I began to giggle like a little girl. I instantly started running energy through my hands making the current as strong as I could, cupping my hands together and blowing life force energy into them. I could see and feel the bee getting stronger. When I arrived at the front door of my friend’s house, seeing and hearing their comments of fear that they were not into the bee as much as me, I went straight through the house to the back yard. I sat down on the ground directly in the sun with the bee sitting in my open hands. It was a miracle that this bee had stumbled its way back from the dead to be standing on my hand. I made attempts to put the bee down in the grass a couple of times, but it would not go off of my hand. I was honored by its presence and was truly in no hurry for it to leave. The bee walked from one hand to the next, then stood still in one spot for a long time. I watched its legs get stronger just as a baby looks when they are taking those steps, in which they no longer fall on their butts, but keep on walking. The life force energy within the bee grew more alive, illuminated and brilliant by the second.

In that instance I remembered a phone call I received a couple of weeks previous from a friend and she told me that she had been watching a program about the bees. For some unknown reason they were dying off by the thousands. This was a very significant memory, considering that the bee in my hand had just died and came back to life. By the end of my thought, it looked from my perspective as though the bee puffed itself up, taking a big breath of life and then it flew off. I sat there with tears in my eyes and I clearly received the message that bee was there to share with me.

In the sharing of ourselves with others, we give life and love to assist them in their growth and healing. The universal law is; to give is to receive. In the receiving of the love we give, is also another chance to awaken to who we truly are. To recognize that we are everything!

On this day I was enlivened by the joy I received, in the giving of myself unconditionally.

It was returned to me and gratefully received, showing me the way that I assist in making the world a better place. I was just like the bee, like the homeless people, I was them and they were me. We all seemed to be dying off the material world we were living in and with the help we gave to each other, the true essence of ourselves was brought back to life to live another day in love.


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Hello, I am Angela. About me is a big question, one that opens up the door to all my vulnerabilities and fears. I could stay very shallow and tell you the basic list of what I do, but seriously what is the point in that? For me this is a breakthrough site to let myself out of my own box to express who I am, where I have come from, where I am, how I feel about it and where I am going. At this point, it's time for me to put these stories out into the world without giving a flying fuck if the grammar is perfect or if the sentence runs on into oblivion. (After 40 they say you don't care as much, they are right). I'm hoping that in sharing these fun, mystical, magical, dark and profound, sometimes metaphoric stories of my life it helps others to awaken and feel connected in knowing they are not alone on this wild ride of life. As the Grateful Dead sing..."What a long strange trip it's been" and I'm excited to share mine with you. If you are interested to know my skills and abilities, please check the link for my website.
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  1. Sarah T. says:

    This is beautiful! What a gift you are to so many with your healing and your compassionate heart. xoxo

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