But I don’t want to go

IMG-20170805-WA0004Last summer I was taking care of a few properties that were being rented out for air bnb. I got a message that one of the houses was going to be vacant a day early. The woman who was staying there became a little too crazy to deal with and was asked to leave early. I already had a full day and I planned on going to go there the next day like originally scheduled.

That morning as I was on my way to take care of a couple of other places, my Angels started telling me to go check the house. Being that I had a very long day ahead of me, that was the last thing I wanted to do. As the day went on the Angels kept going on and on with this request to go check the house. Sometimes their persistence is annoying when I’m trying to get finished with the task at hand, so I basically ignored the chatter as much as I could. As I was almost done the spirit of the man who owns that house the Angels kept going on about stood in front of me and asked me to please go check his home. (In case your reading this and don’t know; I can see and communicate with any kind of spirit…seriously any kind) It was quite a message that he showed up like that, so I knew it was probably best I go to the house. It’s not that I didn’t believe the Angels, but sometimes I don’t feel like being responsible for so much.

As I was driving home very tired and body aching. I went into resistance again about going to the house. When I got to the corner of Palms and Beethoven it was a moment of one direction takes me home, and the other to the house. The Angels said to me very loud “you don’t have to stay, just go check it out”!!!!!

When I arrived and drove past I could see that the front door was wide open. After a couple text messages to confirm that these people were really supposed to be gone, I parked my car and walked up to the door quickly, realizing that the crazy bitch left the door wide open! Upon entering the home I came to find the garbage was overflowing and sugary fruit on the counter that created an army of ants. It wasn’t even my house, but I felt extremely violated, disgusted, angry and clearly grateful that I went. Of course I couldn’t just close the door and leave, instead,  I was there for another hour cleaning up, so that the hundreds of ants didn’t turn into thousands. I was tired as tired could be, but I truly thank the angels for hounding the shit out of me, and helping me to get past myself to go check it out! That house would have been wide open all night until I arrived the next day, with the possibility of robbery, or other creatures making themselves at home along side the army of ants that were existing and gaining members by the moment.

Another beautiful example of how much it pays to listen!


About angela zeyn

Hello, I am Angela. About me is a big question, one that opens up the door to all my vulnerabilities and fears. I could stay very shallow and tell you the basic list of what I do, but seriously what is the point in that? For me this is a breakthrough site to let myself out of my own box to express who I am, where I have come from, where I am, how I feel about it and where I am going. At this point, it's time for me to put these stories out into the world without giving a flying fuck if the grammar is perfect or if the sentence runs on into oblivion. (After 40 they say you don't care as much, they are right). I'm hoping that in sharing these fun, mystical, magical, dark and profound, sometimes metaphoric stories of my life it helps others to awaken and feel connected in knowing they are not alone on this wild ride of life. As the Grateful Dead sing..."What a long strange trip it's been" and I'm excited to share mine with you. If you are interested to know my skills and abilities, please check the link for my website.
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